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to san francisco, and i was trying to help start new internet companies. i was in a little incubator space. i spent time brain storming, and through the course of that i got sick. i just wanted to go see a general practitioner. i turned to google, doctors in san francisco, hoping to find someone talking about a really good doctor. i really didn't find anything helpful. i ended up on insurance website and in a wasn't what i was looking for. that crystallized to me that there was a problem. how do you find goodbyes on the internet. we had the yellow pages but it had not turned into something helpful on the internet. >> gavin: yelp is so helpful in restaurant reviews. it's just started out as a general directory site. an automated version of the yellow pages with content to share. explain the origins and thinking and evolution since the beginning. >> sure, so it started with this idea that we wanted to help people find the best local businesses. and what's the way to find the best local business? you ask your friends for recommendation. word of mouth. if we could find a way to capture w
to discuss that is "san francisco chronicle" political reporter joe garofoli. let's talk about california for a second. because all i can tell you, as a former governor two-third's majority in each house. oh my god. >> it's very tempting to ram through everything you have ever wanted to do. but jerry brown, remember this is his third term. 74 years old. he is a smarter wiser guy. look for the legislature to follow his lead. >> jennifer: it will have to go on the ballot if they are going to raise taxes. >> right. >> jennifer: even though that was the big drawback of prop 13. >> prop 13 caps property taxes, but they are going to nibble at it. is sort of a loophole that says if you are a commercial property owner, you won't get reassessed and they are going to go after that. and jerry brown has laid very quite. he is going to say let that come from the grass roots. >> jennifer: so how many of the increases are tax bills? >> there are some in there. >> jennifer: you cover san francisco and one of the issues that is really important in this community is lbgt rights. >> yes. >>
it be sandy hook, chicago, san francisco or oakland, i think that common sense will prevail on this issue. i think the appointment of congressman thompson is a good thing because he is a gun owner. >> jennifer: i agree with you. >> that's a good approach to the whole thing. >> jennifer: there are reasonable gun owners and you have to understand that there is respect that we have to have for the second amendment but rational common-sense gun laws need to prevail. there really has been a huge. of people killed since the you beginning of the year. rahm emmanuel had a press conference announcing what he was going to do, which was to move 200 chicago cops from their desks out to the streets. listen to what he had to say. >> we will continue to move all 200 by march to move them all into the streets to do what i think is a key component, which is to reduce gun violence and gang activity before the flame becomes a fire, put it out. >> jennifer: is more police the answer? >> well, they're doing the same thing in oakland. they had a patrol on the streets of oakland. short-term probably. having--you'r
historically was there in san francisco when harvey millford was shot. and she is pushing legislation to ban high-capacity magazines, ban assault weapons, and require extensive background checks everything the president said she wanted. and she is no slouch when it comes to senate policy. she has been there a very long time, and has a lot of power behind her. >> she was the author -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> again, you do have the filibuster majority in the senate -- >> jennifer: well, let's talk about that. donnie, the second-term agenda includes immigration reform climate change legislation, knock on wood and includes getting the fiscal house in order. >> and jobs jobs jobs. >> jennifer: yes. but if we get filibuster reform will the president be able to get his agenda through, or will the house block everything? especially guns? >> the question is whether they are going to have to step in and save the children that they have become. speaker speaker boehner needs to ask himself does he want to cow town to this group in the house who wants to hold everything hostage f
's a wednesday night in san francisco. we're just getting started. stay with us. i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? ♪ >> jennifer: vice president joe biden pledged today that the administration would reduce gun violence in this country even if it requires executive action only. and that would mean the president using his executive authority to avoid yet another futile fight with congress. >> the president is going to act. there are executive actions that can be taken. we're compiling all of that with the help of th
, leading up to that i met him in san francisco. he was doing a book tour. one of my lawyers said we got a guy who is going to be president. i said no way. i don't think so, man. anyway, he was going a bookstore. he said, when you get to chicago i would like to have a little talk with you. so when i get to chicago i call him on the phone. he came and he spent an hour with me at the hotel that he was staying at. he said--he didn't even tell me he was running. i found out later that he was running for president. i doesn't think he had a chance to be president. so now when i he got in to be president i asked jeff, could you ask the president the only thing i haven't been on is air force one. so the white house called me, as you well know. they said, you have clearance to go on air force one. but you have to go to detroit. so i had to fly to detroit. stay overnight. get up at 4:00 in the morning. yeah, you guys do that all the time. i had to get up at 4:00 in the morning, and they drive me to a base. i don't know where it was. to a base. but i found out he was going to go to a college somewh
surprises even to the people of baltimore and the people of san francisco. let's start with the 49ers. they went down to atlanta. i washed part of that game and i watched, atlanta was leading the 49ers. i thought, back to san francisco with tail between their legs. the 49ers pulled it off here from dial global's death days. what was it? >> sin. they have sinned. the final call. throw down the middle julio jones, that's your ball game. >> that's san fran 6 co 49ers are the nfc championships. they get it done. har because harbaugh's second year at college. they shut out atlanta in the second half. >> there it is. >> back to the super bowl for the first time since 1995. >> peter: everybody wants to talk about what a great team atlanta had this season. you know, it doesn't add up to squat when you cannot finish. they nearly threw away their game last week against the sea seahawks >> bill: yes. >> peter: they had that game locked up. >> bill: that was jim harbaugh. his brother, john, did the same job for the ravens. i know even friends of mine who live i
san francisco >> caller: how are you doing >> bill: good. what's up? >> caller: do i have to talk about beyonce? >> no. >> did she call her beyon-synch. >> from now on. >> that's what we will call her. i will never buy a ticket to one of her concerts. >> she is performing at the halftime of the super bowl. it will be interesting to see if she lip synchs there >> bill: i am not going to watch. you know it will be fake. >> this is "the bill press show." (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. >> on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show" >> bill: all right. here we go 33 minutes after the hour on the full court press this wednesday morning, january 23rd
temperatures in double overtime 38 to 35. also, saturday, san francisco beating green bay, atlanta beat seattle yesterday by blowing -- barely blew a 20 point lead in the first quash. new england defeated houston sound soundly. the baltmon and afc and san francisco and the afc winners of those go to the super bowl. >> great weekend for football. dan, thank you. yes, margaret, it was the third event in the east room on friday. >> john brennan on monday. wednesday was jack le> w. >> friday appearing with president karzi and the president obama saying he is sticking to the 2014 deadline. >> by the end of next year 2014, the transition will be complete. after gans will have full responsibility for their security. this war will come to a responsible end. >> this war will be over the little update on the deadline was the president's second announcemented by this spring, he said there will be a change in the next of u.s. troops. again, president obama. >> today we agreed as afghan forces take the lead and as president karzi announces, troops will move to a su
, but if this legislation passes, san francisco would be the first airport in the world to honor somebody who is openly gay. appropriate. all right then our favorite statistician senate silver who wrote the book "the signal and the noise: why so many predictions fail and some don't," that's the title of it. he learned why some predictions failed this past sunday because last week he appeared on espn. he predicted that the seattle seahawks would be in the super bowl. >> with seattle you saw a team blowing people out. the point differential is a predictor going forward of how well a team will do. >> jennifer: i love it when he's so grate and wonderfully nerdy about football and sports as well as politics. but he made that prediction and as football fans know the atlanta falcons beat the seattle seahawks, and nate may have been able to predict which way all 50 states would go in the 2012 election but he proved that even a mathematical genius, even nate silver gets it wrong sometimes. up next, brett erlich, ann romney and dancing with the [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: this week the producers of the seco
here in san francisco ruled that the va had unchecked incompetence. and they ordered a court overseen reform of the whole agency. then the va -- the government appealed and went to a special 18-judge panel of the 9th circuit, and they overturned that opinion. so now the veterans are waiting to see if the supreme court is going to hear their case and the supreme court could decide that the va needs to be overhauled, or they could decide that they lack jurisdiction. >> you have a bureaucracy moving slowly going through a court system moving even more slowly, and all the while these yvette yvette -- veterans are waiting. >> yeah, and some of them are dying. we have information that we uncovered that in the last year, 19,500 veterans, almost 20,000 veterans had their disability claims approved by the va only after they died. these are people that said i need help for ptsd diseases caused by agent orange i need a pension in my old age, they wait. they wait. they wait. and in 20,000 cases they get that yes, we can help you only after they die. >> jennifer: so
me here? they give me a san francisco 49ers tea cup. that's the kind of treatment i get in "the war room." >> cenk: you know what i get? a plastic cup. >> michael: i know those well. i'm sorry not to be there. i'll be back with the turks tomorrow. i'm holding the fort here at "the war room" for the rest of the evening. everybody should watch cenk uygur and "the young turks" tonight. >> cenk: thank you michael. >> michael: up next here he was not invited to any parties at the sundance film festival, and at least three park city bars had taped his bad checks up by the cash register. we can only be talking about brett erlich. he squeezed in a year's worth of movies over the weekend. the best and worth of what he found coming up right after the break. young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. @Ñ >> summer may be the time for blockbuster movies, but with the sun dance film festival, winter is the time for doubtries. we're keeping our eyes on show ti
and scientology was born. >> cenk: that performance is known as the god and the man. jamie dewolf joins us in san francisco. he's self described writer and art. your father has a falling out with the church of scientology what happens next. >> we was actually one of the top members of the church in the early part of its era. even in the movie called "the master" they have a character based off him. he was the number two guys for a while. there was a huge falling out. he was watching his father becoming more and more unhinged, and then he left to divorce himself and get completely away from this entire monster that has dad was creating. near the end of his life he actually started to fight back. he ended up battling his dad who shared his name, pretty much until his death. it devoured both of them in the end. >> cenk: a lot of people talk about when you leave the church that they intimidate you and i know you talk about that. how? what do they do to your grandfather? and when you left the church what did they do to you? >> for them it was two decades of non-stop harassment. each of down aunts and
it for the boys ♪ >> stephanie: what? john in san francisco says steph thanks for the comfortable words that you are working on an alternate universe. everybody -- >> yeah. we have elves working. >> stephanie: otherwise hordes of us would certainly be straining obamacare for mental stress. you are a helper. >> thank you. >> stephanie: plus you can't be straining max and fred's nap time. >> stephanie: that's true. you can see all of us sexy liberal washington, d.c. inauguration week. all four sexy liberals. and two huge celebrity guests. let's see. damion writes we know all four sexy liberals will be there along with the mooks. here is what i want to know in addition which overall stars have been confirmed? i don't know. it would be cool to see [ inaudible ]. >> what? >> cream. >> what? >> stephanie: i'm telling you our listeners are becoming more famous than we are. rocky mountain mike not a standing o last time. nobody cares about us. chris a love better for you. >> for me? >> stephanie: steph, rolland sexy liberal tour director and chris are awesome. i wasn't getting my call
always good to get up in san francisco to see the sexy ass michael tomasky on the tube. bill, have him on more often. >> bill: oh, my god. >> hey, ladies. >> why are we so surprised here? >> bill, you get this sometimes. >> bill: i was expecting her to say always nice to get up early in san francisco to see the sexy ass bill press. >> sexy ass michael tomasky. >> bill: she meant to say both. >> i'm not so sure. >> bill: now you know why we have you in. while we have your fan club here, can we say hello to beverly in chicago. >> caller: how you doing? >> bill: okay. >> caller: this is straight to mr. press. i was listening to joe scarborough yesterday morning for the first 30 minutes. >> bill: big mistake. >> caller: rambling on about the president having all white boys in his cabinet and no women. now i understand why he is saying it because all he's trying to do is get some -- [ bleep ] >> bill: i know she's going to dump on me because i mention that. i'm not the only one to mention it. all i said was not that it's evil or wrong it's just dumb. that's all. >> that's all. >> bill: in b
you it's anecdotal. i'm walking through -- and it's san francisco to be sure didn't charlie pierce say he saw two soldiers holding hands -- >> stephanie: yes. >> i saw two gay couples holding hands and they were several feet off of the ground at the san francisco airport, and i have got to say, i think there is something different now. we have turned a page from stonewall to yesterday. >> stephanie: david we were saying what an amazing time to be us, all of us. when you think of -- you know listening to what the president said at the inauguration, which even charlie pierce said wow i didn't see stonewall coming. and standing there talking to tammy baldwin, i get back to the hotel and run into chris perry and i thought really what an amazing time to be us at this civil rightest battle in our history. >> it is an extraordinary time. and i have to tell you something, for me -- jesse jackson watching the president talking about this. remember jesse jackson ran for president, and first started talking about some of these things. i was the human rights organizer for
and current tv. >> bill: hey how about this from kitty martin out in san francisco. she wants us to know she's a huge fan of the show. listens every morning. and she also wants us to know that neil king who was our guest yesterday, as a "friend of bill" from the "wall street journal," she thinks he has the sexiest voice in the whole world. totally made her morning. and if he's not married she kitty says she's a beautiful single 49-year-old female from san francisco. how about it! it's the dating game here. match them up here. you know, michael tomasky. he gets the ladies. now neil king. >> we should point out that neil king is happily married. >> bill: he is happily married. it is nice to get those compliments, don't you think? even married men like that. >> you could say something to me and bill every now and then. >> bill: what are we? chicken soup? [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> bill: hey, good morning everybody. welcome to the "full court press" here this tuesday morning. january 29. here on current tv. coming to you live all the way across this great land of ours from our studio on capitol hill i
and especially on top of that if you are coming from san francisco, right? >> yeah. >> bill: wrong. no. chris culver plays for the 49ers, getting ready for the super bowl, said he is ready for anything except a gay man on his team. no, no way he says. >> what about gay guys? >> i don't do the gay guys man. >> are there any on the 49ers. >> no. i about it got no gay people on the team. can't be with that team. >> they might be able to play well. >> you are missing one of the most fascinating interviews in the history of the world. >> can't be in the game or on the locker room -- >> so it would have to be a secret. >> bill: who is interviewing him? >> arty lang. >> bill: what an idiot -- not arty lang, but culver. >> can't deal with that sweet stuff. >> bill: people made the same argument about gays in the military. >> this is not new. we have heard these people say this but he is 24 years old. he is a young guy, and of the generation that grew up with gay people who are out of the main stream. it's not like what it used to be like when my parents and grand parents were growin
. then they had to fly him to san francisco and it took him like 1,5001 hours but he made it. >> then you put him in a grueling bicycle -- >> stephanie: i made him ride four hours uphill up a volcano. >> don't make him ride into a volcano. >> he probably wished he had fallen into the volcano after that. >> there are no live volcanos on maui. just on hawaii. >> stephanie: i spent christmas alone. christmas morning we're like any other married couple, we don't have sex because by the second or third day of the vacation, everybody is calling him my husband. yes. >> if that makes you happy. >> did you have join that nice old couple on the cruise at the dinner table? >> stephanie: one dinner, the waiter said happy new year, miller family. we're like -- >> sew took your name. >> stephanie: apparently. >> of course. >> stephanie: apparently he's mr. miller. >> you would make him take your name. >> stephanie: he's now my bee-otch. >> or gets the volcano again. >> stephanie: first morning he got there, i started crying.
. >> at rusha. >> abc reporting a 4 bedroom estate outside of san francisco sold as the second-most expensive house ever in the united states for a crisp 117 and a half million dollar. >> come on. where? >> a 4-bedroom house in the woodside mountains. >> bill: woodside is a pretty nice area. >> peter: i would hope so. >> 360 degreeses of the mountains and acres and acres of properties but yes only four bedrooms, 117 and a half million dollar. >> bill: 4 bedrooms, one bath. what do you want for $117 million? dan, thank you. yes, big news today, you know, president obama has cited three big priorities of gun control in addition to getting our fiscal house in order, which we are on our way to doing. but he cited in addition to that three big priorities doing something about gun violence in this country doing something about global warming and doing something about immigration reform. today, a big step toward immigration reform, for the last few weeks, very quietly a group of eight senators has been working to fashion a comprehensive immigration refo
reasons. >> yeah. i'm in portland for a different reason. as a matter of fact, i'll be in san francisco later today for the rest of our coverage. and i'll see you on "the war room" i'm sure. the whole -- it's funny. yesterday, of course, they were marking the anniversary of roe v. wade. i was walking through this liberal city that i didn't know very well which i've come to like in the few days i've been here. i was walking through and there was a pro-life demonstration there. there was a smattering of people in the middle of pioneer square. not a big number of people there. i thought how ironic that tomorrow we're going to be inaugurating a president who has, again, john pointed out, elected by the liberals in this country who came out and really -- a lot of them very disappointed with his first term to be frank as we know. but who came out and voted and re-elected him. here i am in portland. liberal city that the sort of pro-life march. and rally. i went and stlood and listened to them. i felt like that was yesterday's america. you point out that people are watching current tv. this, f
frieman is a san francisco bay resident. he appeared in traffic court on monday to protest a $500 ticket. and that ticket was for a car pool lane violation, where you're supposed to have at least two people in the car. he was driving by himself, but here is the thing. he had incorporation papers for a corporation in the car with him, and now he's claiming hey, if the supreme court says corporations are people shouldn't traffic police as well? earlier i sat down with mr. frieman. >> the -- the specific thing that really got me going on this was that years ago i saw the signs on 101 that say that a car pool is for two or more persons. >> jennifer: right. >> persons under the law are defined as human beings or corporations. so why not? why not? >> jennifer: why not? >> why not take a corporation in the car with me -- >> jennifer: so you have these incorporation papers in the car with you. >> right. >> jennifer: you get pulled over by the police you are expecting that this eventually is going to happen, right? >> right. >> jennifer: have you been driving in the car pool la
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